Elephant Knot Bracelet – Gold


Based on the iconic African elephant hair bracelet design, this intricately hand-woven adjustable bracelet has been re-created using only gold wire. Featuring the same traditional sliding knots which open and close to comfortably fit different wrist sizes.

Steeped in rich tradition spanning over 1,000 years, in many parts of Africa, it is believed that wearing this type of African bracelet would protect you from harm and bring you great fortune. Each strand represents certain aspects of the wearer’s life such as health, love and wealth, and the knots represent God’s hands holding these strands together.

Materials: 3 gold strand bracelet with 2 sliding gold knots using only 14/20 gold-filled wire.

Sizing: Adjustable, with a maximum circumference of approx. 21 cm/8 in. Custom sizing available upon request.

Delivery: 7-10 working days